Leadership With a Positive Attitude

Leadership styles vary according to setting, personality, and experience. After all, a CEO and a manager are called upon to exercise different skills and priorities, so it follows that they respond in different ways. However, a positive attitude underpins successful leadership whatever the context. October is National Positive Attitude Month, so it makes sense to give some thought to the ways that leaders can manifest a positive attitude.

Every Challenge is an Opportunity

Organizations in crisis or transition look to their leadership to help guide them through. A leader who embraces challenge and change from a positive perspective can influence their team to focus on moving through and forward to a successful end Rather than react with gloom, an effective leader looks at these moments as an opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, capitalizing on the former and mitigating the latter. Asking questions like, “what can we learn from this moment?” open the focus to potential growth and evolution of the organization.

Showing Strength Through Mindset

A good leader models behavior that benefits the organization. A Harvard Business Review article identified that positive attitude in the workplace is a huge contributor to successful outcomes. Making an effort to frame issues in a positive light encourages similar behavior in the team. It’s not always easy to be positive, so a leader can guide the way with their own actions and outlook. While still acknowledging the negative, strong leadership looks for ways to reframe, learn, and grow, encouraging similar perspectives in the team.

Building Up the Team

A good leader understands the importance of the people they lead. Finding ways to facilitate teamwork, uplift each team member, and encourage a spirit of cooperation and unity can transform a group of individuals into a collaborative that can accomplish more for the organization. Each member of a team matters, and acknowledging each person’s contribution brings out the best in all!

Careful Communication

Words matter. Choice, tone, and timing all make a huge difference in the effect a leader can have in their communication. A leader needs to intentionally infuse positivity into their communication. This can be as simple as practicing active listening skills in a meeting and regularly communicating authentically with the organization on encouraging themes.

Embracing a positive attitude as a leader takes effort and intention. Organizations in all phases, but particularly in crisis or transition, will look to their leader to show how to face the challenge. At Illumine Interim Executives, we understand this responsibility, and embrace a positive attitude in our leadership approach. To learn more about our services, and how we can help navigate a leadership transition need in your organization, contact us today.