Client Engagements

Clients of Illumine Interim Executives are generally non-profit organizations or associations with up to $15 million in annual revenue. Our work ranges from specific consulting engagements to long-term assignments where we step in, assess, provide structure, and enable a new executive to hit the ground running. Our goal is to leave an organization with a solid foundation that offers a strong platform from which a new leader can springboard.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say...

Response, Inc.
Rhonda has navigated some uncharted areas with us as we learned more about functions performed by the past director. She was quick to identify opportunities and communicated them for timely decisions. She is organized, thoughtful, and strategic in her approach to her role. Her work with the staff and board to ensure compliance with government grants and on-time reporting exemplifies her structured methods.

She has been amazing in what she has accomplished in the months she has worked with us. She quickly gained the trust of the staff to inspire and mentor them setting a tone of possibilities and forward motion.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rhonda will be an excellent leader to any organization.

- Rhonda Lively, VP, Board of Directors, Response, Inc., Woodstock, VA

Interim role: Executive Director responsible for managing staff, operations (including running of shelter), mentoring staff and updating HR and IT policies and processes.

Community Legal Service of Mid-Florida, Inc.
Rhonda Buckley-Bishop was hired by Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida to serve as Interim CEO of our 10-office system. In addition to immediately stabilizing the operation and addressing key personnel and organizational culture issues, she led the conversion to fully remote operation during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We greatly appreciated the experience Rhonda brought to the role and the level of confidence she inspired in our staff. We found her approach refreshingly transparent, purposeful, and caring. She provided clarity and momentum, paving the way for a successful permanent CEO search. Because of the trust she engendered with all levels of the staff and the Board, after the new CEO was hired we retained Rhonda as Interim COO to oversee planning to safely reopen offices.

Our organization benefited enormously from Rhonda's leadership. We would recommend her highly to any organization seeking skilled interim guidance.

- Kevin K. Ross-Andino, Board Chairman and President, Community Legal Service of Mid Florida, Inc.

Interim role: Chief Executive Officer responsible for managing operations and human resources and leading organization's response to the COVID-19 pandemic for staff and clients.

Levine Music
Rhonda served as the Interim Head of Music at Levine Music Education for a year. During this time, she led and managed the education programs, staff, and faculty. The Head of Music Education, a key member of the executive team, is an important position at Levine. Rhonda's tenure offered Levine a substantial amount of time in which to conduct a thorough search for the right person without compromising the strategic direction or operations of the organization.
Interim role: Head of Music Education

"Rhonda has such a rare combination of leadership capacity and the ability to execute. Her infectious energy naturally attracts people to a goal. The clarity of her vision and purpose aligns the players. The journey with Rhonda is fun and fulfilling because she believes in what she is doing, and she enjoys moving ideas into action. We will forever be grateful for her impact and her care as she helped reposition our team for new levels of success!"
- Jim Knight, CEO, Jubilee Housing

Interim role: Vice President of Institutional Advancement responsible for the overall planning and implementation of a strategy for broadening and strengthening a diverse donor base and for leading the search for permanent Vice President.

International Society for Performance Improvement
"Rhonda and I had an opportunity to work together when she came to the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) as our interim executive director and quickly earned our confidence. What I valued most about Rhonda was her willingness and enthusiasm to learn our business. She then translated that into engagement with our Board, our membership, and our vendors. Rhonda never stopped being passionate about ISPI and our mission."
- Scott Casad, Past-President, Board of Directors, International Society for Performance Improvement

Interim role: Executive Director responsible for organizational assessment, day-to-day operations, staff management, membership recruitment and renewal, and conference planning and implementation.

College of Music, Michigan State University
"Rhonda assisted us with process, policy, fundraising, and structure for our Community Music School in East Lansing, which paved the way for growth. She then went on to build a Community Music School in Detroit which is still going strong. Rhonda has a deep passion for working with organizations so that they are structurally sound."
- James Forger, Dean, College of Music, Michigan State University