Illumine Interim Executives specializes in keeping non-profit organizations healthy. Many non-profits today are struggling with uncertain funding streams, hiring qualified talent, and fulfilling their missions. When an executive responsible for important functions leaves, the departure can cause a ripple effect across the organization. Donors and staff begin to lose confidence, and an organization can be knocked off track both strategically and operationally.
Illumine offers more than a stop-gap measure. We provide a different perspective, critical expertise in a variety of areas, and problem solving that helps build a solid foundation from which to grow. Our approach begins with meeting key board members and reviewing mission-critical documents. Listening carefully to staff, board, and constituents, we develop an atmosphere of trust and accountability.
Often an organization will request or require an assessment that includes a review of processes and documentation related to financial management/internal controls, personnel management, communications/public relations, and fundraising. With staff and board members engaged throughout the process, we take what we learn and set goals. The result is a stronger organization financially, operationally, and programmatically.

Our interim executives are passionate about structurally-sound organizations. We are inclusive team builders, decisive decision makers, experienced managers of people and resources, and we are enthusiastic about all that non-profits can accomplish. Our goal at Illumine is to fill a void, strengthen infrastructure, and reinvigorate teams so the incoming permanent executive can help the organization thrive.
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