The Right Timing is Key

When should your organization consider an interim executive?
An interim executive is one who is highly skilled at entering an organization at a time when the organization and its people are experiencing a transition. This could be at the time of retirement of a long-time leader or founder, a key leader’s sudden departure for medical or other reasons, or a clearly thought-out step in a succession plan.

There are several times to consider interim executive leadership:
  1. When the Board needs more time to conduct a search
  2. When the executive director/CEO leaves and the Board wants to consider structural or process changes
  3. When there is uncertainty around the future of the organization

Interim executives can keep day-to-day activities going, make necessary staffing changes, and assess the processes, procedures, and compliance of the organization.

Hiring an interim executive offers many advantages:
  • Provides stability and consistency for staff, board, and constituents.
  • Offers a chance to replace a departing or underperforming executive for a finite time so that the right executive can be identified.
  • Deploys quickly in times of crisis and disruption.
  • Offers significant expertise in handling a variety of transitions.
  • Assesses the current state of an organization and recommends changes and new policies for an improved future state.
  • Prepares the way for the incoming executive by making hard decisions, improving processes, and stabilizing funding.
  • Creates a culture that will attract and retain the professional staff member or members that will benefit an organization long-term.
  • Assures donors and funders that solid, professional leadership is in place during the transition.
  • Provides an outside perspective that helps align the board and staff on the organization’s vision moving forward.

The bottom line is that an interim executive can prepare the organization for the permanent executive and provide a strong foundation that will help that leader to succeed.

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