Getting More on Giving Tuesday … It’s Not What You Think

Every year, after the family festivities on Thursday, and an intense four days of in-person and cyber shopping, Giving Tuesday is a wonderful national tradition that turns us outwards towards those who are in need. While generous financial donations are the foundation of support for the thousands of organizations out there doing good work, not all of us have deep pockets, and there are more ways to give than with a hefty check. 

Stretching Dollars
For many organizations, the smallest amount can make a difference. In any fundraising drive, make sure to provide opportunities for donations of all sizes. Suggest that donors consider setting up a recurring, monthly donation of a small amount instead of a bigger amount when the holidays are already eating into end of year budgets. Make sure your report card looks good on tools like Guidestar, where the allocation of donor dollars between the good work, fundraising and operations can strongly influence donor enthusiasm. Finally, try creative campaigns like matching donation opportunities where each dollar will be matched by another donor, doubling the gift.

Shine a Spotlight
In this day and age, it is so important to get the word out about the issues. Whether it’s the environment, homelessness, education or the arts, organizations struggle to break through the noise to get the attention they need. Give supporters the opportunity to highlight your organization and the cause it serves through a phone bank – whether it’s a fundraising drive or an awareness campaign. If you haven’t developed a digital strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain visibility through likes and social shares of your content. Consider reaching out to influencers to help spread the word about what you do as part of Giving Tuesday. 

The Gift of Time
All organizations need volunteers to accomplish their goals. A robust volunteer program should provide interested people a range of opportunities to participate and give of their time and energy when money might not be an option for them. People should have the chance to volunteer as much or as little as they can – from a weekly mailing campaign to an annual site clean-up, volunteers need to be able to pick and choose. Invest in your volunteer coordinator and volunteer appreciation program to make sure that your volunteers receive the care and attention they deserve. 

When it comes to Giving Tuesday, creativity and clarity are the key. Have a plan in place that makes the most of this opportunity to help people to help your organization. If your organization needs an infusion of ideas and guidance on how to best get the word out, gain donors and volunteers, and accomplish the mission, a seasoned executive with experience in all areas of nonprofits may be exactly what you need. Contact Illumine Interim Executives to learn more about how we can help.